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How are you preventing the spread of COVID-19?

How are you preventing the spread of COVID-19?

When 27 Degrees Consulting developed the idea of a blog it was to be about patient experience. We never thought that our first entry would be about COVID 19 (Corona virus).  But here we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic so let us use this tool to discuss our concerns and disseminate accurate information. This site will be monitored by myself, a physician and my business partner Nancy, an RN. Both of us are in the thick of it right now and at least for me it has become a huge part of my daily existence.

So first of all why is this virus previously known predominantly as Corona virus now referred to more and more as COVID 19.  The answer is simply this.   Corona virus has been around for a long time. I Iearned of it in medical school many years ago and it is on the back of your Lysol spray as one of the virus’ it kills. Corona virus historically causes mild cold like symptoms. COVID 19 is a virulent mutation of the run of the mill Corona virus.  As it is not just your basic Corona Virus, it is better referred to as COVID 19

Most of us have listened to our leaders opinions about limiting spread, but what is the reality and what can we expect.  This information is changing daily but it seems that social distancing and good personal hygiene is the most important  thing we can do to prevent the spread. And by hygiene, I mean simple hand washing for 20 seconds with hot soapy water multiple times per day.  As far as what the impact will be on the US and the world, only time will tell. A lot depends on how we as a community and a nation and a human race respond. In the US, If we respond the correct way we will have the medical resources to deal with this.  If we do not we end up with a scenario we don’t want.

So let us start with a question.  What are you and your family doing to prevent the spread of COVID 19?

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EricMarch 16, 2020 at 2:54 pm

Washing my hands very frequently and for at least twenty seconds. Frequently disinfecting door handles and other frequently-touched surfaces with Lysol wipes, too.

27 Degrees Consulting

27 Degrees ConsultingMarch 16, 2020 at 4:56 pm

Eric. your approach is absolutely perfect. This is the CDC recommendation. The other important action is social distancing. As we all know, the state has placed limitations on gatherings and restaurants but they have been slow to recommend these guidelines. In truth we should have been doing this weeks ago.


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