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A Surreal Week

A Surreal Week

This week has been absolutely surreal. Yesterday I went to Boston to clean out my daughters college dorm room, as her school is cancelled for the remainder of the year. Driving through Boston, traffic was about 20 percent of the norm. On the streets there were people out and about, however much less than one would normally see on a Saturday. It was clear that some people were taking this seriously and others were not. I saw some in masks clearly practicing social distancing but I saw other groups, some large, acting as if nothing had changed. Of course everything has changed. Not a minute or even a second goes by that I don't find myself thinking about every action I take. Nothing is automatic anymore. The work experience has been particularly odd. We started limiting the office visits to healthy younger people. At this point very few people are actually venturing out to the office. Now we are relying on video and telephonic visits which is limiting, especially when an exam is necessary to provide the appropriate diagnosis. Nationally and locally we still have limited test kits for COVID 19 and minimal protective equipment. I have no adequate personal protective equipment in my office. Thankfully the group I work for has the ability to test patients safely. My greatest concern is our society's ability to flatten the curve. A spike in cases mean we end up like Italy, overwhelming our resources and running out of ventilators and needed equipment to care for the ill. If we flatten the curve and slow down the influx of cases we may just have enough resources to keep our health care providers safe and provide the needed care to those who fall ill. I'll try to end on a positive note. Importantly, I am spending more time with my two daughters and wife than I have been able to for a very long time. I believe we are closer as a family. So how has COVID 19 affected you and your family? How has it changed your life? I look forward to hearing from you!

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