911 Customer Service

Superb customer service is crucial to an organization’s success and image. Working in the public domain can be challenging, and these challenges can adversely affect customer service. 27 Degrees Consulting will motivate your employees to perform at their best.  The presentations and workshops we offer are interactive and content-rich. Areas covered include:

  • Defining customer service and identifying internal and external customers
  • Identifying why excellent customer service is important
  • Teaching the fundamental strategies to achieving great customer service
  • Discussing job burnout and approaches to mitigate stress

In addition to the above training objectives, presentations will also cover approaches to use with the challenging caller, techniques to improve phone presence and discussion of focused case studies. 27 Degrees Consulting provides you with a level of expertise that will drive and support superior customer service. We bring over 15 years of 911 experience in the field to each classroom setting. Our comprehensive strategies and approach will assist you in sustaining a level of excellence.Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our range of consulting services.