Patient Experience Consulting

Our extensive healthcare background gives us an in-depth perspective on what it takes to implement change successfully in the complex world we work in. We begin by showing the value great patient experience brings to organizations. Next, we work closely with your team, listening to their insights, as we analyze workflows. This is done by:

  • Direct observation of employees in their roles
  • Informative sessions with key stakeholders
  • Reviewing and analyzing data

When we begin our rapid cycle changes, it is with the patient encounter in mind. We pair making workflows water tight with strategic patient experience initiatives. The result is streamlined service delivery with patient centric design.

Our consulting services also include team presentations. The presentations and workshops we offer are interactive and content-rich. Areas covered include:

  • Defining how patient satisfaction differs from patient experience
  • Identifying why excellent patient service is important
  • Teaching comprehensive strategies to achieving great patient experience
  • Discussing job burnout and approaches to mitigate stress

At 27 Degrees Consulting, we customize our approach for you because we realize no two organizations are alike. We focus on your unique needs and objectives, and design strategies specific for your situation.  Our approach ensures transformative, sustained improvement.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our range of consulting services.