Business Consulting Services

It’s our belief that your business was meant to be successful in all areas. Creating this pathway to success is where we come in.

We begin the conversation by learning your vision, identifying your business goals, and discussing challenges you face. We collaborate with you to design transformational strategies that align and empower your team to deliver on your vision.

We then help you effectively implement change, recognize larger profit margins, and achieve sustainable results.

Step One

On-site Assessment

Our on-site assessment provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your current status-your baseline. This assessment sets the stage for critical improvement initiatives that will be guided by a lean/6-sigma approach. The deliverable is a comprehensive report with focused recommendations, key performance metrics and critical next steps. Our assessment consists of the following:

Review Performance & Satisfaction Data

We offer a comprehensive analysis of your key performance metrics, identifying strengths and opportunities.

Assess Critical Workflows

Our approach involves spending time with staff entrenched in workflows without causing interruption to daily operations.

Collect Key Insights

Through a combination of informal and formal approaches, we transform key insights into focused process improvement strategies.

Benchmark Against Industry Standards

Our team looks at best practices to align organizational goals and identify actions that lead your company to successful outcomes.

Identify Cost Savings

We use lean/6-sigma methodologies to streamline workflows, cut down on waste, and improve profit margins.

Evaluate Online Presence

We review your digital footprint: What message are you sending to your consumers? How do you compare to the competition? Which strategies will be effective to improve your online reputation?
This assessment can be a stand-alone service, or the beginning phase of our strategic consulting package.
Step Two

Improvement Initiatives

Using our assessment as a foundational document, we work with you to design and execute customized strategies. Our team is uniquely positioned to work as change agents when we align behaviors and operations to realize your vision. During this phase we:

Evaluate Workplace Culture

Take a pulse on workplace culture which allows us to design initiatives promoting employee engagement. Empowered, engaged employees are your greatest resource!

Design communication pathways supporting transformational change

Our team evaluates current communication practices and works with you to build the necessary pathways to realize success.

Conduct Satisfaction Surveys

We conduct real time, customized patient surveys to provide your team with immediate feedback, and enhance the patient experience

Measure Initiative Performance Metrics

We work with your team to implement rapid cycle changes that decrease variance and improve metrics towards identified organizational goals. Identifying processes to provide your team with real-time data is critical for improving performance.

Leadership Training & Coaching

We offer a comprehensive training program for leadership and staff. These programs are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Assess Impact on Profit Margins

Our team provides both a projection of cost savings to assist you in prioritizing your focus areas, and an on-going analysis of cost savings once our comprehensive strategies are employed.
Step Three

Control Plan

Here we make sure you have a plan in place to support your continued success. We:

  • Provide a presentation to your team recognizing their hard work and congratulating them on their results (positive reinforcement!)
  • Create a detailed action plan for measuring and reporting key performance indicators
  • Identify performance thresholds that require corrective action
We also offer extended consultant “check-ins” at the 3month, 6 month and 1 year mark from project end.

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