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Better workflows. Engaged employees. Happier clients.

Our consulting team will work with you to design better ways to operate. We’ll help you decrease costs, improve team engagement, and increase customer satisfaction.

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It’s our philosophy that your business was meant to be successful in all areas. Creating this pathway to success is where we come in.

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We'll drive results by working with your team to develop customized, patient-centric strategies to meet and exceed organizational goals.

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27 Degrees Consulting provides engagements tailored to meet your specific requirements, delivered remotely or in person.

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Our team comes from a diverse background, experience rich with industry knowledge. When you invite us into your world, we’ll work with you in innovative and creative ways that will propel you to success while respecting who you are. Our comprehensive strategies, customized specifically for your needs, will assist you in meeting and exceeding your organizational goals.

Latest Podcast Episodes

The 27th Degree
September 22, 2020

Episode 6: The Opioid Crisis with Barbra Roderick NP

In this episode, Chris and Nancy sit down with Primary Mental Health NP, Barbara Roderick to discuss the current opioid crisis.
The 27th Degree
September 18, 2020

Episode 3: School concerns during Covid

In episode 3, Chris and Nancy sit down with a superintendent and discuss going back to school amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
The 27th Degree
August 28, 2020

Episode 2: Hospice Care

Episode 2, Chris and Nancy sit down with a member of Hospice and discuss hospice care and Covid-19.
The 27th Degree
August 1, 2020

Episode 1: Nursing Homes and Covid 19

In Episode 1, Chris and Nancy sit down with a member of Catholic Memorial Nursing home and discuss nursing homes and Covid-19.