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Episode 85: Trusts with Carol Simmons

By February 18, 2024No Comments

In this insightful podcast episode, we sit down with Carol Simmons, Vice President of Plimoth Investment Advisors, to delve into the world of financial trusts. With her wealth of experience in wealth management and estate planning, Carol provides invaluable insights into the complexities and benefits of financial trusts for individuals and families.

Throughout the interview, Carol demystifies the concept of financial trusts, explaining their purpose, structure, and various types. From revocable living trusts to irrevocable trusts and special needs trusts, she discusses how each type serves unique purposes in estate planning and wealth preservation.

Whether you’re someone exploring estate planning options, a financial professional seeking to deepen your knowledge, or simply curious about the role of trusts in managing wealth, this podcast episode with Carol Simmons is a must-listen. Her expertise, clarity, and commitment to helping individuals make informed financial decisions shine through, offering listeners a valuable resource for understanding the intricacies of financial trusts.

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