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Episode 64: Obesity with Dr. Tamer Yacoub

By April 30, 2023No Comments

In this podcast episode, we have a special guest, Dr. Tamer Yacoub, an expert in the field of obesity. Dr. Yacoub has extensive experience in helping patients struggling with obesity achieve long-term weight loss and improved health outcomes. During this interview, Dr. Yacoub shares his insights into the complex nature of obesity, discussing the causes, consequences, and treatment options for this growing epidemic. He explores the psychological and behavioral factors that contribute to obesity, as well as the role of genetics and environmental factors. Dr. Yacoub also provides practical tips and advice for individuals struggling with obesity, such as the importance of healthy eating habits, regular physical activity, and the use of medications and surgery when appropriate. As the prevalence of obesity continues to rise globally, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in learning more about this critical health issue and discovering effective strategies for preventing and managing obesity. Contact Dr. Yacoub……