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Episode 68: Women’s Health with Dr Julianne Arena

By February 16, 2024No Comments

In this podcast episode, we sit down with Dr. Julianne Arena, a highly experienced Ob/Gyn, to discuss women’s health. With over 15 years of experience in the field, Dr. Arena is highly regarded for her expertise in diagnosing and treating a wide range of women’s health issues, from reproductive health to menopause and beyond. Throughout the interview, Dr. Arena emphasizes the importance of regular gynecological exams, discussing the various tests and screenings that women should undergo at different stages of life. She also provides insights into the latest treatments and therapies available for various women’s health issues, including surgical and non-surgical options. As we dive deeper into the world of women’s health, Dr. Arena discusses the impact of lifestyle factors on women’s health, such as diet, exercise, and stress. Whether you’re a young woman just starting to explore your reproductive health, a mother-to-be, or a woman in midlife or beyond, this podcast episode with Dr. Julianne Arena is a must-listen. Her wealth of experience and knowledge provides valuable insights into the importance of women’s health, and will leave you better equipped to take care of yourself and your body throughout your life.…